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Token Holder Agreement

| 04/13/2021

These conditions define the entire agreement between the buyer and the compan with respect to the purchase and sale of C20. With respect to the facts of the sale and purchase, the purchaser undertakes to rely only on the conditions to make his decisions and to understand that the conditions govern the sale of C20 and that they release all public statements concerning the sale of C20 tokens by third parties or by the CRYPTO20 team or persons linked to one of the CRYPTO20 teams. , past and present and when selling C20 tokens. The rate at which cryptocurrencies have increased has far exceeded the speed at which regulators have addressed legal issues. It was not until 2017 that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gave substantial indications as to when the sale of an initial offer of parts (ICO) or other tokens should be considered the same as the sale of a security. Buyers must have an ethereum portfolio that supports the ERC-20 standard to obtain the C20 purchased by the company. Buyers selling $20 tokens receive their C20 tokens in exchange for EH at the following price: As with other decentralized cryptographic tokens, based on the Ethereum protocol, C20 is vulnerable to minor attacks as part of the validation of C20 transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, including, but not only, dual-expense attacks , majority mining power attacks and self-hate attacks. Successful attacks pose a risk to the platform and C20, including, but not limited to accurate execution and record transactions on C20. When a company sells a juice to an investor, it accepts funds from that investor, does not sell, offer or exchange coins or tokens. Instead, the investor receives documents indicating that when a cryptocurrency or other product is created, the investor has access to it. The following terms and conditions govern the purchase of cryptographic tokens (“C20”) from Crypto20, an exempt company registered in the Cayman Islands (the “Company”).

Each of you and the company is a “party” and together the “parties” on these terms. This document is not an invitation to invest and does not in any way deal with an offer of securities in any country.


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