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Shoreline Community College Collective Bargaining Agreement

| 04/12/2021

It is about publishing links to collective agreements negotiated by public universities when we receive them. If the name of the university or university is not linked, we have not received any information about their negotiated agreements. Much of the site`s content will be hidden from autumn 2018, unless you log in with a unique email address and password. Access the content of the site by connecting with the fields to the right of this message. If you haven`t received an email asking you to create an account to access the site, send an email to with your email address and name When registering, please send a and indicate the non-functional email address you want to use for access. These links are posted in accordance with RCW 43.88.583 (3). Collective Agreement 2019 – 22 This document can only be accessed if you are logged in.


  • August 2021
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