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Service Level Agreement Ristorazione

| 04/12/2021

· The use of HLS by the customer does not correspond to the specification and/or agreement, objectives and objectives of the agreement The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that the appropriate elements and obligations are in place to provide the customer with consistent service assistance and delivery by the service provider. The objectives of this agreement are: – a clear reference to responsibilities, responsibility, roles and/or responsibilities. Present the client with a clear, concise and measurable description of service delivery. Personalize the perception of the planned service delivery with actual service support and delivery. Emergency: Any work done outside normal business hours is considered an emergency and billed accordingly. In the event of a situation, the customer will be immediately informed and the service provider will do everything in its power to identify these circumstances in order to ensure the best possible service. The customer`s requirements include customer responsibility and/or requirements in support of this contract: – Payment of all assistance and maintenance costs at the agreed billing rate and billing plan, i.e. an account in good condition. Appropriate availability of the customer`s representative when resolving a service-related incident or request. HERE will make appropriate economic efforts to protect its resources and services from threats and attacks that may affect the availability of services. In the event of a large-scale attack, HERE may not be able to maintain the availability of HERE services at the expected level and reserves the right to claim such an event as a non-SLA event. This IntegratedHQ (SLA” service level agreement is a policy that regulates the use of IntegratedHQ`s service offerings under the terms of use of IntegratedHQ (the “agreement”) between IntegratHQ LLC (“IntegrateHQ” or “we” or “unser” or “us”) and users of IntegrateHQ services (“they”).

This ALS applies separately to each account that uses our services. Unless otherwise stated, this ALS is subject to the terms of the agreement and the conditions activated have the meaning defined in the contract or this ALS. We reserve the right to amend the terms of this ALS in accordance with the agreement. OpenAIRE APIs provide access to a diagram of interconnected metadata series and a corpus of article PDFs. While metadata data sets are available in CC-BY, access to PDFs can only be done on request and is subject to restrictions based on content providers. When users create technologies, working with OpenAIRE API Services must comply with the current technical documentation that applies to the OpenAIRE services used, run on API services in production, with the maximum effort provided 24 hours a day in the openAIRE infrastructure premises in the data center of the Mathematical and Computational Modelling Centre (ICM) – Data Center Facilities. In the description of open service level agreements (SLAs), we refer to availability, ease of maintenance, performance, operation or other infrastructure attributes. The service level is listed as “target” and “minimum,” allowing the OpenAIRE infrastructure user to be informed of what is expected (the minimum), while a measurable target (average) value indicating the organization`s level of performance is provided. The following Open INFRASTRUCTURE SLAs have been defined: Remote support is provided in accordance with the above schedules, based on the priority of the support request.


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