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Musician Management Agreement

| 04/11/2021

The standard agreement assumes that the artist (or the artist`s accountant) will receive all the income. It may be preferable for an executive to collect income and, if this is the case, appropriate safeguards for copying bank statements, audit fees and access to the account should be included. The agreement was written in the form of a letter from the director to the artist, which we felt was somewhat less discouraging and more accessible to both parties. We have tried to make the language reasonably user-friendly, while maintaining an adequate level of accuracy. Other elements of a management agreement are the artist who confirms that she has the power to enter into the contract, the rights of each party if the other party violates the agreement, the extent to which the leader can cede (give) the rights of the leader to another person as part of the agreement, and the details on how to terminate the agreement earlier than expected. An unknown artist who signs a management contract with a well-established artist director can be expected to accept a commission rate of more than 20%. This could reflect the value of the manager`s experience and contacts, and the risk the manager takes in spending time and perhaps money on an artist who may never have succeeded in the industry. This is obviously limited and an unreasonable contract can be considered non-acute by the courts. An artist may limit the scope of the management agreement to music-related activities. However, an executive may argue that they will play a key role in raising the artist`s profile to the point where other offers are being offered and would therefore expect them to receive their commission on the revenues generated by the artist`s activities in the broader entertainment industry. A written agreement between the artist and the manager should detail the details of the relationship to ensure that the artist and the manager are on the same side, which helps to avoid conflicts in the future.

A document written between the manager and the artist must contain a structure with all the details of their relationship. This ensures that the manager and the artist know what to expect. Although the written agreement does not guarantee that there will be no conflicts, it is easier to deal with such situations. Here too, it is important that the artist has the right to terminate the management contract in the circumstances mentioned in this clause. There are a few clauses (sections) of the management agreement that can be designed (written) to be beneficial to the artist or beneficial to the manager. Ideally, the artist and manager fully understand how each element of the agreement could be structured to make the agreement reasonable. The duration is the duration of the agreement. The usual contract is valid for one year, with the possibility of renewing the contract with the agreement of both parties.

This is a period when clauses can be renegotiated. As a result of the above, it is important that the manager cannot cede the agreement to others, as the artist must be able to have control of who manages it. New artists without success generally have limited bargaining power when it comes to signing their first management, record or publishing contract. This time, with a legion of loving fans ready to support the reunion, the Spice Girls are in a much better negotiating position. Ideally, the management contract should not last more than three years (and certainly no more than five years) and there should be different mechanisms for the artist to terminate the contract if the manager does not achieve different objectives. You will see that the agreement binds them to obtaining a registration agreement.


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