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Gaic Work In Kind Agreement

| 04/09/2021

For many councils, VA/s173 agreements are the only realistic way to collect contributions for infrastructure. However, these one-off agreements are not specifically designed for development contributions and are not suitable for infrastructure provision as long as the DCP and ICP programmes provide. However, a screening framework will allow delWP to conduct a comprehensive long-term assessment and conduct interim assessments. Victoria`s development tools operate in isolation in several agencies, with little emphasis on how they work collectively. DELWP has not conducted system-level monitoring, coordination or evaluation, which means that there is no national analysis on how best to contribute to the provision of infrastructure. Land or works must be located in a growth area and be of a species that can be funded by the Growth Areas Public Transportation Fund or the Fund for the Construction of New Communities. Whitehorse advises that work is unable to complete these assessments and expects to find a solution for development contributions by the end of 2020. To support the negotiations, the Council also has a publicly available policy that covers the management of CPDs and their attitudes on key issues such as in-kind contributions and soil assessment. This makes Melton`s position clear to developers and the public and reduces uncertainty for all parties. Both documents encourage the consistent application of Melton`s CPDs. Despite the delay, the person is responsible for the performance of his contractual obligations under the WIK contract. Neither the councils nor the state report on VA/s173 contributions to infrastructure.

DELWP does not collect data on voluntary agreements unless they relate to affordable housing. A WIK agreement may contain a clause limiting a person who has entered into the agreement, unless they have obtained the agreement of the Minister of Planning with which cases are concluded: earlier this year, Planning Minister Matthew Guy launched the GAIC Work-in-Kind Agreement guidelines and model agreements. These provide guidelines for work-to-child agreements that can be concluded between landowners (often developers), the Minister of Planning and the Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) to provide a portion of public infrastructure through land or capital work to compensate for GAIC`s liability.


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