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Gsa Interagency Agreement Part B

| 12/10/2020

[4] As in the case of a contract, USAREUR must justify a good need for commissioned services. It is therefore important that an inter-institutional agreement lists the necessary training services, including, for example, special programmes and dates and places of instruction where the training is to take place, as well as the cost of training. GSA and USAREUR have entered into an inter-institutional agreement for the GSA to offer USAREUR a series of training courses from September 12, 2011 to December 16, 2011. Letter of requirement, appendix 4B, MIPR number. MIPR1FGA00036, September 2, 2011. The inter-institutional agreement identified the different educational programs, dates, locations and costs for each training class. ID. GSA has the right to provide procurement and delivery services to federal authorities. [1] GSA manages these services through the GSA Acquisition Services Fund, a renewable intra-government fund in the Ministry of Finance. [2] We believe that flexibility, the 10 United States. C 2410 bis to agencies for the use of certain inter-institutional agreements. Inter-institutional transactions promote greater profitability and efficiency in program management.

We have already found that inter-institutional transactions are no different from contractual transactions. See z.B., B-302760, May 17, 2004, May 6-7, 2004 (similar to contract transactions on the date of an inter-institutional order approved in accordance with 2.C.C is available for payment of fees, regardless of non-performance of work during this fiscal year). B-286929, April 25, 2001 (inter-institutional obligations under the Brooks Act are treated as other agency obligations and not as economic obligations, and the existence of a defined requirement at the time of contract performance is the basis for the appearance and registration of a financial obligation). USAREUR may enter into a contract for up to one year, beginning with a fiscal year and ending in the following fiscal year for the acquisition of safe services, and incur the full amount of the contract with the current appropriation at the time of the conclusion of the USAREUR contract. 10 U.S.C. The question here is whether USAREUR can also use 10 states. C 2410a to commit current appropriations for an inter-institutional agreement for post-compulsory services from the current fiscal year and for the following year. The position of the USAREUR advisor is only 10 US.

C 2410a would allow USAREUR to commit the year-to-year appropriations for an inter-institutional agreement with the GSA, such as this one, for a series of training courses that take place in one fiscal year and are to continue in the following fiscal year for up to 12 months. Telephone interview with counsel, USAREUR (May 28, 2014). USAREUR advisors have warned that USAREUR will need to define specific requirements for certain training classes to determine service requirements. [4] The opinions of the consultant USAREUR are consistent with our conclusion. Indeed, Congress has recognized the contractual nature of inter-institutional agreements. See e.g.B. 31 U.S.C S. 1501(a) (1) (1) (1) (1) (“An amount can only be considered a commitment of the U.S. government if it is supported by evidence,1) a binding agreement between an agency and another person (including an agency)” (including an agency)” (including an agency)” (addition). In accordance with Section 1501 A (1), the consequences on an inter-institutional agreement would be identical to those of a contract with a private seller. [3] We believe that an agency should not be disadvantaged by another agency in relation to the purchase of goods or services from a private seller, given the contractual nature of inter-institutional agreements when purchasing goods or services. A USAREUR certification officer requests a decision under 31 U.S..C.


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