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Atlantic Cable Maintenance And Repair Agreement

| 12/03/2020

Bruce Neilson-Watts MD at Global Marine added: “It is a real pleasure to agree on this extension to provide services to ACMA members until 2025. Global Marine is proud of its association and its decades of fruitful relationship with the acMA parties. In particular, I welcome the flexibility that allows wind farm owners to work with Global Marine and the members of the agreement to carry out exchange and rope repairs between the ranks. As governments turn to an increasingly green agenda for climate change, we are witnessing huge developments in offshore wind and renewable energy, making it an increasingly valuable service. The PIOCMA agreement includes the NAZ, Yokohama and SEAIOCMA agreements. It provides mutual support after natural disasters and provides consortium members with risk management solutions. The last time PIOCMA was called was during the Taiwan earthquake in 2006, which significantly slowed down internet traffic. More recently, PIOCMA was on alert after the 2011 Japanese tsunami, but was not put on alert. The wave Sentinel and Pacific Guardian maintenance vessels operated by Global Marine will serve ACMA17 from their respective bases in Portland, the United Kingdom and Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles. Both ships are equipped with powerful Atlas and ST200 series remote-controlled vehicles, which offer flexible and efficient solutions for monitoring, cutting and burying cables. These cables can be damaged by ships (anchor, fishing trawler), but also by earthquakes or even erosion (opacity flows, abrasion) or by power outages. For more than a century, Global Marine has been at the forefront of developing underwater cable repair and maintenance solutions and has performed approximately 33% of all fiber optic cable maintenance work worldwide.

The company is a founding and current member of the Universal Joint Consortium, an international interprofessional organization that supports manufacturers and consumers of Universal Joint and Universal Coupling technology. Global Marine continues to lead this important part of the industry through its prestigious training school, which is used by many of the world`s leading telecommunications and cable installation and maintenance companies. Benj Sykes, Director of Uk Country for Rsted`s Offshore Operations, said: “We have been looking for a solution that encompasses all of our maintenance and maintenance work in a single service provider, and we are pleased to work with the World Marine Group with ACMA and its members. Many of our wind farm sites work in close proximity to telecommunications cables already installed on the seabed, so the combined experience within the group of working with fiber optic and electricity cables and the depth of their collective resources give us absolute confidence in our chosen solution for the future. The maintenance area includes an area from the Bering Sea and Alaska in the north to the equator in the south and from America to about 167o West Longitude. Wave Venture is a 100% commitment to NAZ and operates a base port in Victoria, Canada. With about 1,150 turbines already installed offshore, the world`s largest operator provides clean electricity to 13 million people. The agreement covers most of the organisation`s UK offshore wind farm portfolio, including nearly 900km of under-sea table cables. The framework, which begins on June 25, will be part of the Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement (ACMA), provided by GMG with zone partner Orange Marine. If the ACMA ship, C.S.


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