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Cancelling Lease Agreement Before It Starts

| 04/08/2021

If you have no reason to terminate your rental agreement, another option is to rent the apartment to another person. In this agreement, you will find another tenant who resides in the apartment for the rest of your rental. The person you sublet pays you either rent that you pay to the landlord or pays you directly to the landlord. Check your rental agreement to see if this allows you to sublet. If this is not the case, ask the landlord if it is possible to change the rental agreement and allow you to sublet the apartment because of your exturing circumstances. Since most landlords require tenants to pay the deposit at the same time as they sign the lease, this can help close the income gap between your tenant`s first months of tenancy. What happens in NC if you have signed a rental agreement but have never paid the down payment/rent and you do not move in? Can you resign without penalty? Tenants are sometimes mistaken in believing that they can easily break a lease if they have not yet moved into the apartment. Or that there is some kind of 24-hour “cooling time” during which they can go back to signing a lease, or a three-day “right to cancel.” We just lease the apartment about 3 days before the discovery of the family with which we live, fallin gravley is sick and we are now staying where we need to look after them. Both paid the deposit and the rent in full, we even changed light in the hope of being in the apartment until the 1st. But because of this Cercumstance, we can`t honor our lease. we feel horrified by the situation and have spoken to our broker. What`s the worst senario case? We claim at least half of our money, because we would have to pay the bills for the house we are in.

We would agree if they take the deposit for the first months of rent. We are concerned that they are trying to tie us to the lease. We have never signed a lease, so we are not sure what awaits us. Please let us know. Ultimately, this means that a tenant`s credit could be affected by the fact that they withdraw from a lease if they do not make an acceptable decision with the landlord or if they do not pay their taxes owing. A good lesson for all tenants is that you never know when circumstances will occur that will cause you to exit a lease before the term of the contract expires. Make sure you keep this in mind when renting, and do your best to be a good tenant and maintain a friendly – or at least respectable – relationship with your landlord. If you still pay your rent on time and keep the property in good condition, you will have a much better chance of facing leniency if and if you wish to break the lease later.


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