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Agreement So Too Either Neither

| 04/08/2021

Good observation of Morfik. The reason for the comma before one is usually when it is used as “also” and not as an agreement. I like apples.B. I like oranges, too. A: I don`t understand Spanish. B neither do I. (I don`t understand Spanish either.) Hello Adam, can we also say, “Neither me?” Or does it have to be “me neither” in that particular order? For example, s.o. know: “I don`t like!” I can answer, “Neiher me!” Or is it wrong? Thank you very much! Great.i did it anyway. The only problem I had was that I was confused and not s orden for example (I don`t do it i) but now I get it As I don`t think like that, remember that `too much` is used only for a positive chord, so you can`t combine it with a negative verb (don`t think).

I think the quiz had something against Obama, but I don`t really care hahahahaha by the way, good lesson, I had some problems about where you can or won`t use it, I`m glad I found this video. only when it comes to negative statements like:for example:I don`t like playing online games. the answers might be: I neither (I don`t like playing games as well) I don`t either, nor do i. all of them means you don`t like playing online games and you agree with a negative statement. negative statements are those that include a denial:i don`t like.i don`t want.i don`t fish etc, for example, they and I speak now I`m marius and I say: I don`t want to go out today. You feel the same as me (you don`t want either) so you`ll say: me, ni.i not (you don`t want to go outside like that) Hello Adam, For sentence 3, If I agree (I don`t think Canada is very cold…..), I could say, “I don`t think so either. Yes, to agree, you can say that I do not believe either. The easiest way to agree in English is to say “Me too” (to accept a positive statement) or “I`m not” (to accept a negative statement): I don`t think swimming is a real sport – I also can`t say “So will I” and “Westill will i” answer phrases with “will” and “won`t.” EX: 1) I`m not comfortable. Ôćĺ Me neither.

Me neither. Hello Adam, thank you for your efforts. I`d like to ask you a question. How about a statement “I don`t think so, either”? Is it the same “me neither”? Thank you. You can rewrite it: “William doesn`t work there, and neither does John.” But maybe we can rewrite it: “William doesn`t work there, and John doesn`t work there.” – just add “either” at the end of the original sentence. someone told me that if you use the word either, which means you choose one since, but if you use the word, do not choose anything of that… .. It`s true? Thank you, Adam. I learned a lot from you. There is another meaning of (either) that is (either). I ­čÖé The most important thing we should keep in mind is that we are also and so, to agree with positive statements, not to agree with negative statements.

Thanks Adam, I`m still confused because of those words, now I`m not, and I think everyone`s not, too. The reason you can`t say “me” here is because there is no “me” theme in the first statement. That`s why you need to add a topic to the agreement. The first is an observation that someone has made, not necessarily a personal opinion.


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