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Was Ist Learning Agreement

| 12/20/2020

The Learning Agreement should include all the learning outcomes the student is expected to acquire during the exchange. Students of the 2019/20 class: please email your Learning Agreement to erasmus (at) Students in class 2020/21: please download your Learning Agreement online. 1) The part of the “before mobility” learning agreement; AAA payment: if possible before departure Have the form signed by your host university (“receiving institution”) as well as by your SPL. Then download the Learning Agreement during the Mobility im Mobility Online, signed from all sides. The post-mobility learning agreement form is also generated directly in Mobility Online. With the Transcript of Records certificate, the Learning Agreement after the Mobility serves as an application for recognition of courses spent abroad for your studies at the University of Vienna. Once your SPL has confirmed the signature recognition, download a copy of the Learning Agreement after the Mobility and a copy of the Transcript of Records in Mobility Online. Language levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) If preparatory work is carried out at the host university for a thesis research or doctoral work, it is not mandatory to award the ECTS.

It is only when the examination or doctoral regulations of the university of origin set targets in this regard that the corresponding ECTS must be included in Table B. All events listed in the apprenticeship agreement and successfully followed at the host university must be recognized. This obligation of the apprenticeship agreement involves both students and the university of origin. You can`t choose which events you want or don`t want to recognize after the end of mobility. This (temporary) choice of courses must be signed by you, your host university and the Erasmus coordinators of the OSI. You need to make sure you collect all the signatures. For the signing of the OSI, please send the document to the OSI-Erasmus office. Finally, please file the apprenticeship agreement signed by the two higher education institutions at the International Student Mobility Office. The fully signed apprenticeship agreement is one of the preconditions for the payment of the Erasmus scholarship and must be received at the International Student Mobility Office before starting their stay abroad. Courses that may be considered a mandatory or mandatory event must be clarified with the appropriate examination juries (exceptions: in physics Professor S. Huelga, in human medicine, Ms.

Leins and Ms. Grab). Higher Education Code: The Erasmus Higher Education Code is a unique identification code that all higher education institutions in the countries participating in the Erasmus programme have obtained with the Erasmus Charter (ECHE). It consists of an abbreviation of countries, the name of the city (8 characters max) and an order number. The Learning Agreement is an agreement (study contract) between exchange students, the Free University of Berlin and the host university. In the Learning Agreement, students must enrol the courses they should take at the host university before starting their studies abroad. Similarly, you must specify which of these courses you would like to be recognized at the OSI and in which modules (Table B). Important: in Table B, do not enter individual courses, but only modules! As a general rule, according to the EU, courses of 30 ECTS per semester must be taken. The lower limit of the FU is 15 ECTS per semester incl.


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