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Uk Jisc Agreement

| 12/19/2020

The Wiley Transitional Agreement is the largest open access agreement ever reached in the UK and shows an encouraging appetite for open access publications. We will publish more details and support data on the Wiley agreement next week. The agreement includes all subscription newspapers that are owned by iOP Publishing and offer a hybrid open access option. In addition, the agreement also includes selected journals published by IOP Publishing on behalf of our social partners. The Jisc-Wiley Read and Publish agreement went through funds previously paid for subscriptions to pay for OA publications in Wiley`s fully open hybrid magazines. Bournemouth University benefits from this agreement through an agreement with JISC. The Jisc/Wiley Agreement offers full and permanent access to Wileys 2020 All Title List and Open Access Publishing in more than 1,400 Wiley magazines. A non-exhaustive list of Wiley titles, RVC researchers and practitioners would be as follows: we are carrying out modelling for 2021 that we will share with our strategic groups, funders and library directors to reach agreement on the parameters for the publication of the Wiley Agreement before 2021, so that we can transform even more British research into open access, so that it can be read, used and reused without barriers. “We are pleased to have reached this agreement with a gold publishing house. This is another important step forward in achieving the goal of full and immediate open access, which will help UK institutions and researchers make open access publishing in Frontiers magazines as fluid and economical as possible. IOP Publishing (IOP), Jisc Collections and UK universities have agreed that researchers will be able to publish their work at no extra cost in most hybrid IOP to open access magazines. The agreement offsets the cost of publishing hybrid products (PPC) with royalties on magazines from 2020. The agreement respected what it had set for itself; rapidly increase the volume of OA from the UK, reduce spending and finance this transition with credits previously spent on subscriptions.

As of 31 August, 5,164 articles have been published or accepted in open access, an increase of 82% over articles published in 2019, and an increase of 91% compared to 2018. If you plan to publish work in a Wiley magazine and make your work open at Gold when you are not receiving COAF/UKRI/Wellcome funding, the funds will no longer be available through the Jisc Agreement from 12 October to 31 December 2020. During this period, a 25% discount will be available for authors who publish Gold Open Access: in January 2021, the OA fund will be reset and the reduced tax will continue to apply to all OA publications. Although the OA fund will increase by 2% in 2021, we want the Fund to continue and cover all research and audit items. The reason for this is threefold: we want to minimize the administration of universities, simplify authorship and maximize the value that researchers and universities derive from the agreement. From 2 March 2020, authors associated with UK institutions participating in the Wiley-Jisc Agreement will be able to publish primary research and review articles in one of open access or Wiley Hybrids (subscription) magazines, online-based magazines without open access fees for the author. The agreement is in effect from December 1, 2019 to November 2022. As part of the agreement, researchers associated with participating organizations will have unlimited access to Frontiers` open science tools, including peer-to-peer collaborative impact metrics, articles and authors, as well as enhanced dissemination tools such as Loop. The authors of subscription journals do not need to take steps to take advantage of this offer – SAGE will contact all legitimate authors to inform them of the open access agreement with Jisc and invite them to the free access portal SAGE to accept the offer once their accepted article has been received in SAGE`s production department.


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