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Room Deposit Agreement

| 12/16/2020

Thank you for your response. My lease is a 12-month lease and no, I didn`t stay for 12 months because circumstances have changed and I have to find a bigger unit. I did not voluntarily terminate the lease. In the early termination clause, it was stated that I had to stay at least 12 months. No compensation was mentioned. The owner is now demanding full compensation. In addition, the landlord told me that even if a new tenant is found, my deposit will still expire and he will ask the new tenant for a new deposit. Does it make sense in the eye of the law? Because the new tenant is only going to continue my rental period. The amount of the deposit is one month`s rent for a one-year lease or double the deposit of a two-year contract. I am a Malaysian who works at SG and commutes daily from JB to SG to work. I sometimes stay in SG, in my friend`s rented room (1-2 nights a month), if I work overtime.

Your new landlord wanted to include my name in the rental agreement because I am considered a tenant if I spend the night in my friend`s room. I am concerned about the repetition of the signing of a legal and non-permanent contract to remain there. I currently hold the work card. Could you find out if there is a risk of signing the TA? Thank you for your help. Hello, can you consult, please? I`m a tenant with a 12-month lease. For work reasons, I intend to break the lease at the 6th month. But there is no penalty in my lease. Do I have to pay the remaining six months` rent, which I think is pretty unfair? This room rental agreement is between [HOMEOWNER] (“owner”) and [RENTER] (“tenant”). It is a legally binding agreement that defines the rights and obligations of the parties and aims to promote budgetary harmony.

I left my rented room in an HDB apartment in Bishan. The owner asked me to move within 24 hours because I had violated some of the points mentioned in the agreement. I did, but he did not return some of the deposit I had paid him, even though the room did not suffer any damage. He himself violated the agreement on several occasions. In my absence, entering my room without warning, going into my room and threatening to come down and “fix” it now, these are things of my head. My question to you is whether he has the right to retain full bail if the parties (tenants and landlords) have violated the agreement. The agent involved is visibly on the owner`s side. Is there anything I can do to claim at least part of the deposit, since there was no damage to the property? In the worst case scenario, if the offending tenant is in the tenancy agreement and challenges the charges, you may have to reduce your losses and (a) leave voluntarily or (b) have before you the termination of the entire lease and the eviction of all tenants.


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